Petrified Wood Design

We are the largest Petrified Wood stores in Bali. With over 1.500m2 of our showrooms, we have over 1.000 of ready stocks you can choose directly. Our products are from tabletops, stools, sink to small sculptures. We do our own cutting and polishing, allowing us to bring you the best quality at the lowest price.

table wood fossil fruit tray bench


Nature is a fundamental pillar of our strategy to deliver ‘the perfect balance of superior art, design and uniqueness’.

We strive to create unique ways in which to enjoy fossils of wood, one of the most precious resources our planet has to offer. From exquisite colour to shape, we are incredibly fortunate that wood fossils has given us so many sources to inspire us. We use this inspiration along with a careful understanding of people and context of use, to create exciting and relevant design.


To assist our clients throughout the world to obtain the most unusual and beautiful natural and hand-crafted Petrified wood.

We are committed to sourcing and supplying products that are legal whilst providing a valuable source of employment for the indigenous peoples of the region.

Petrified wood can be used for a new material for unique interior design. If you are looking for any type of Petrified wood for your furniture business that is truly one of a kind, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.