Petrified Wood Products

Petrified wood is not only rare and beautiful objects, but also filled with remarkable history, which adds interesting conversational value.
Like other stone, petrified woods can be polished, cut, or shaped to create extraordinary products for exterior use, such as gardening and landscaping, or for interior decoration, such as furnitures, and decorative artworks or even for sanitary purpose. Each products is one of a kind and a true work of art by nature. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors.

petrified wood stool stool 2 stool 2
                            Stool                                                                            Table                                                                        Sanitary

petrified wood stool stool 2 stool 2
                       Decoration                                                                   Sculpture                                                                     Garden

We do our own cutting and polishing, allowing us to bring you the best quality at the lowest price.